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BASSEUROPE provides an international double bass congress every two-year for all bass players, educators, researchers, enthusiasts, institutions and companies, professionals as amateurs.
They all meet to present/observe and to get inspired.
'Discuss, Share & Develop'.

The congress is always located in a new place in Europe. One or more national bass player(s) are chosen as artistic director(s) and they form and set color on the congress - BASSEUROPE brings the know-how.

Next congress BASS2018 LUCCA is taken place in Lucca, Italy, July 30th to August 5th, 2018 - press the button below.

Bass Academies

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Youth Bass Camps


- 8th International Kids & Youth Double Bass Course,
July 30th to August 5th, 2018


July 30th to August 5th, 2018


The Youth Bass Camp is open to double bassists of all ethnicities, nationalities from all countries and up to age 19. All levels both jazz and classic players are very welcome.

The Youth Bass Camp is held in conjunction with and as a department of the BASSEUROPE biennial congress.

It is a special opportunity to meet and work with some of the world’s leading double bass performers and teachers. The camp includes single lessons/academic teaching, group lessons, lectures, master classes and small/large ensembles. You will be grouped in classes with bassists of fairly similar skills. Both jazz and classical music teachers are represented.

During the week, you will also have time to listen, hang out with your friends, and meet the great bass performers. At the end of the convention week you will perform a concert in Lucca.

The students will be prepared to participate in various public events, including the opening of an evening concert at the Festival on Saturday, August 4 at 20:30 with small ensembles and MassBassOrchestra, made up of all participants at any level who wants to join the orchestra: professional, student or amateur. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend Festival events, always under the supervision of parents and/or volunteers. Additionally, participants are invited to join the MassBassOrchestra for a "Concert-Greeting to the Sun" to be held at dawn on one of the days of the Congress (date still to be defined) on the historic walls of the city of Lucca.

Classes will be held mainly in English and Italian.

Each day commences with a warm-up together as a group. This is being followed by ensemble or masterclasses. Classes are organized according to the age and ability of the participants. There will as well be the possibility to take additional individual lessons for an extra price.

All bass players who might be interested, can join the MassBassOrchestra rehearsals in the afternoon.

Playing together in the orchestra, reinforces valuable soft skills, such as concentration and coordination, concurrent listening, playing, focusing on the conductor, and reading music. It can also be useful to work on subjects such as patience and tolerance.

In the afternoon, YBC groups will also join guided visits to the exhibitions, and will listen to recitals together.

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